We are Clayton Lieb and Jake Dale, founders and current owners of Driftless Quality Wear. Our company was founded in the fall of 2018 in the small Northeastern Iowa town of Fayette. Being college baseball players and full time college students, time was something we didn’t have a lot of. When we did have time, we spent it exploring what we came to know as the “Driftless”. This area along the Upper Mississippi River watershed was left untouched by glaciers. The region has an extremely unique geography and boasts features such as towering limestone bluffs, spring-fed trout streams, vast underground caves, and deep river valleys. We realized how little people knew about the area and we wanted to give people opportunities to explore it, the same way that we had been. In October of 2018 we launched our company. We wanted to create quality outdoor goods, durable enough for the outdoors, but comfortable enough to wear every day. Our first batch of hats were designed and we began shipping orders right out of our dorm room. As our product line grew, we decided to take a big step and obtain a storefront. We opened our temporary pop-up shop in downtown Fayette in the fall of 2019 (still full-time college students and athletes!) to show our brand to the world for the first time. Immediately, the brand was a hit and became a favorite in the area!

Since the beginning days, not a lot has changed. We’re still cranking out quality outdoor-themed clothing, teaching people about the Driftless, and exploring whenever we get the chance. Our clothing can now be found being worn throughout the world, and our family of explorers continues to grow every day. Currently you can find Driftless Quality Wear in shops and stores throughout the Midwest, at local markets and events in our home Driftless area, and right here on our website. So grab some gear, load up the car, and do some exploring, all while repping Driftless!

Driftless Quality Wear
Jake & Clay in front of their first pop-up store in downtown Fayette, IA (2019)
Driftless Quality Wear
Clay & Jake after completion of paddling the entire length of the Volga River, ending in the Mississippi near Cassville, WI. (2019)